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What you need to know

We founded dulcealoves with one goal : to provide our customers with a fair and enjoyable shopping experience. Our store policy is detailed below, you can review it and contact us if you have any questions.


What you need to know

Dear customer, the rate for delivery is established at a fixed price of $9.99.

However, it is offered free with any purchase over $100.


How it works

Dear customer, exchange possible for all goods, except soaps, for hygienic reasons.

the exchange must be made within 2 weeks of purchase.

There is no refund.


What you need to know

We guarantee the comfort and satisfaction of each of our customers. Fashionable clothes that are worn with elegance

Mainly comfortable garments that follow the movements of the body in order to offer an unprecedented rhythmic experience.




The security of your data

This is your privacy and protection section. Let your customers know how you use, store and protect their personal data. Remember to talk about the bank protection system used during payment, how the data is collected, and the time frame in which you will contact them after their purchase.

The protection of your customers' personal data is essential for your business. Take the time to detail your policy precisely. Prefer simple and clear language to show you are trustworthy and build customer loyalty.

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